Reality of Rving sometimes!

Sometimes rving is just sitting around relaxing or watching TV. Sometimes it is socializing with other campers. Playing scrabble or cards.

In reality sometimes you need to watch the budget to be able to sustain the full time rving life style.

We mainly live on our social security. Using the money to pay bills which include insurances, credit cards, essentials and food. We are lucky in the sense that if we find we are a little short we can do postmates, doordash or uber. This gives us more wiggle room and even gives us play money. Yes, we do enjoy adult beverages!

Funny, when we first started we were so green. However we really weren’t scared, we were just excited!

It has been 19 months that we have been rving fulltime and we love it! We have a 2018 Winnebago Intent 30 feet Class A and find it is perfect for us. We left a 1700 sq.ft. home with a pool and went to a 300 sq ft. motorhome. My housekeeping only takes 30 minutes now!! Yippee!

We did research rving for a year, going to alot of RV shows. You can read a lot of blogs about rving but until you take the Leap of Faith and figure it out for yourself, you just don’t know.

There was a balloon festival in town this weekend. They weren’t able to go up on Friday, Saturday or Sunday morning due to 25 mph winds. So we didn’t get up for the non launching. We happen to be in town Sunday afternoon and behold!!! Balloons!!!

One of 3 in the sky
A racer balloon
Magical beauty

As you can see there is unexpected adventures when you least expect it…😁