Blah, blah, blah….

We were doing some doordashing the other night and was fortunate to see the big moon on the way home. Did you see it in the sky too?

After working 2 jobs for weeks,we had a day off today. Guess what we did? NOTHING!!! We stayed home chillin watching TV and just relaxing. We even took a nap such decadence.

I like to write but unfortunately I’ve never had any formal writing courses which make me curious to take an on line class. I love learning an reading. So who knows a 2nd career?? Starting something new is a little bit scary but starting is putting one foot in front of the other!!!

Yippee another day off!!! We went grocery shopping. Now that’s always a challenge. You want enough to go through a week but my refrigerator is a small one. So you might have bags of food or containers sideways. Lol but somehow you get it all in. Don’t forget you have a good supply when you buy staples.

I have been craving egg rolls. Believe it or not they are hard to find here in Lake Havasu City. So I decided to make some well…. 😛 That didn’t go to great so I made some spring rolls. I had better luck with them.

This what makes Lake Havasu City beautiful!

I finally got to see the last Star Wars movie. I liked it and it was amazing how they were able to make Carrie Fisher part of the movie.

Well later today we will be going to a holding tank class. Update later!!