Today we went to a one hour presentation called Holding Tanks 202. When we got there they gave us a raffle ticket. Before they even began talking, they told us to help ourselves to the food. They had hot dogs, chips, soda and cake for dessert. Next was the presentation. At the very end they drew a number and someone won a bottle of probiotics for the black and grey tanks. Now for the second draw they were giving a free tank cleaning. Well this lady behind me won and said thank you but we would prefer to give it to someone else. So another ticket was drawn and ta da it was my number!!! So right after we went over to the RV, they followed and cleaned our black and grey tanks. FYI a cleaning can cost from $175 to $315!!

Today the resort was having a chili cook off. We went and tried 10 different chilis. Silly me got to talking and forgot to take pictures…duh! We left to go to work before they announced the winners.

Someone posted these pictures of the chili cook off so I borrowed them…. 😁

All of the contestants who competed
3rd place
2nd place
1st place

Congratulations to all of you!! Great job and alot of fun 🥘