Quick trip to Mexico

We have been wanting to go to Los Algodones, Mexico to pick up medications, check out glasses and dental cost. We made sleeping arrangements at the Howard Johnson for they take dogs. So we didn’t have to leave Peanut behind or boarded. Off we go, it takes about 3 hours to get there.

Mountains around the Colorado river
Marshes along the river
Colorado River

I’m so in awe with the mountains, the Colorado river and all of it. It is soooooo huge. It makes you just wonder….

Along the way we went through Quartsite, the site of the RV show.

The big tent it goes on forever!
100s RVs boondocking
Cacti in the desert
I’m so happy to be on this adventure and seeing the beauty of the US

On the way to Yuma, where we are going to stay overnight. All of a sudden the landscape started turning green!!

We found our motel, got settled there and got Peanut settled too. Now we headed about 10 miles south to the Mexican border. Off we go to Los Algodones!!!

Goods for sale!

We walked around for a while and checked out the cost of meds at the different pharmacies. Next we decided to get some tacos, walked around some more and then we found this cute outside restaurant. It was nachos and margaritas. Yummmy!

Making our shrimp and fish tacos!
Best tacos I have ever eaten.
Outdoor restaurant
Outside market – rings, bracelets and necklaces.
Handsome hubby ❤
On the rocks or frozen margaritas both yummmy!!
Of course Nachos

We walked around a little more than off we go back to Yuma.

Back in Yuma for the night

The next day we took our time heading back making some stops along the way.

Quiet today
Cannons in front on the entrance

As we were going along we stopped and I took some pictures of the cacti plants.

The beauty of the cacti fascinate me!
Closer view

Off to Quartsite for the RV show!

Here we go!!

We stayed about 2 – 2 1/2 hours, phew so much to see and do! Heading back to Lake Havasu City the scenery was absolutely beautiful!

Colorado River

The 2 days away was great and so much fun!