Spring is a …coming!

Reality check!!! It is so windy here in Arizona that David went to go out and the wind caught the door and snapped the arm. We now need to order a new arm! Ahhhhhh

2/3 I wait for this day every year!! Truck Day…. when the Boston Red Sox truck leaves for spring training!!! Yeah!!!

February 3rd Truck Day!
See you in Fort Myers!!

My sweet granddaughter sent us this along with a package… love her soooo much! 💕

We went out on a date last night it was so wonderful. It remind me about the time in Italy… left Italy photo, right last night. Wine and a couple of hors d ‘d’oeuvres yummmy!!

(L) Italy, (R) Lake Havasu City

One of the things I like about Lake Havasu City is the lawn ornaments which are mostly made of iron giving them a rustic look.

Horse and fold