Everyday living….

Today we are celebrating a new smoker….lol. A number of us are getting together for dinner. So we are having smoked ribs and everyone is bring a dish. I was going to make macroni salad but someone else is making macroni and cheese. I thought too much pasta so I put a couple appetizers together. Spanakopita and a cheese dip.

All folded and ready too be buttered
Baked! Yummmy!
Table after eating..
Annette the boss !
Terry and Ruth
Holly and Roy ( one of the cooks)
Bill, Dale and Hedda
Kevin (one of the cooks)
Linda and David

It’s our day off, the bills are paid! So time for a little fun!! First we decided that after 4 months of living in Lake Havasu City we really needed to go an investigate the London bridge. We also walked around to the little shops. A long the way we stopped for a drink. Yummmy!!

The entrance to the little courtyard
Beautiful fountain with water coming out of the lion’s mouth
Me in a British phone booth
One of the restaurants
In front of another restaurant
Hmmm what to eat and drink ?
London bridge
Drinks at the Kokomo bar
Enjoying outdoor beverage with hubby

After drinks we decided we wanted something to eat so we went to the El Paraiso Mexican restaurant.

Mexican beverages
Chimichangas and coconut shrimp
Our view for lunch

One more stop, I wanted to go to Main st. and go to the local art shop. I wanted to find a small piece by a local artist.

Painted mural downtown
Road runner print

Well time to head home. It’s been a wonderful day!! Thank you David for sharing a great day with me. ❤