Just blogging…

I’d like to start off by wishing 2 of my grandkids a Happy Birthday!!! Easi is handsome, sweet, funny and very inquisitive then there is Oriana who is beautiful, independent, smart and very talented in making her cosplay costumes!

Happy 12th Birthday Easi ğŸŽ‚
Happy 22nd Birthday Oriana
Found a kindness rock today ❤

On the way to Goodyear AZ.

Fun!! Love the slot machines!!
Bales of hay, make a wish!
Cattle ranches
Flowers in median strip

Today 2/27 we had the day off so we decided to travel 3 hours from Lake Havasu to Goodyear AZ. to a baseball game. The LA Dodgers vs Cleveland Indians. You see on the Indians team Terry Franconia team manager use to manage the Red Sox. On the LA Dodgers side there is David Roberts who is the Manager and he use to play for the Red Sox as a utility player. LA Dodgers also just acquired 2 players from the Red Sox a pitcher David Price and Mookie Betts. We did get to see all of them except Mookie he played yesterday and had today off. Oh well….

Unusual baseball statue in front of the Goodyear stadium
Hubby and a military statue
Front entrance
Me ready to go in!
David is ready too!
Need a ticket?

Walking and looking around!

Food glorious ballpark food
More vendors
Free shots on the concourse
Beautiful little stadium
View from our seats
Indians mascot
David Roberts LA Dodgers manager
David Price
A great fun day ❤