Opening day is coming!!!

I always get so excited when opening day comes around! My oldest son and I go to see the Boston Red Sox open no matter what date or where they are. This year they open up in Toronto but things are on hold due to this years Coronavirus. We shall see what happens next!

Last night we went out to eat and had such a great time. We went to Cha Bones in Lake Havasu City. Tanguay and tonics, steamed clams, cajun shrimp and tuna skewers. Delicious 🍸πŸ₯–

T + T and 7+7

Raining today and will continue through Friday so a good day for soup. I happen to have a ham bone so pea soup it is … yummmy!

Well I won’t be going to opening day. SMH MLB has cancelled spring training and opening day has been pushed back 2 weeks 😭. Q

I just read Disneyworld is even going to close for 2 weeks. I have to say I was concern that I wouldn’t be let back into the country since opening day is in Toronto, Canada.

I’m so luck, early this morning my husband bought me my beach cruiser.

Schwinn beach cruiser

The tires were a little soft they need air. David said no problem he had a compressor. Well he attached the compressor and he went to get a air gauge when walking back, POP!!!! He blew a tire tube. He felt so bad of course I laughed since he jumped and if he could have seen his face!

On th way home from having our taxes done we saw the biggest and fluffiest clouds!


It’s hard to believe we only have 1 more month here at Lake Havasu City and then it’s our trek home!