Social distancing…..

I thought we could use a little chuckle!

With the coming of social distancing and self quarantine, you can go a little loopy! So what we decided to do is go for a ride. We went to the Parker Dam and then some exploring the back roads. It was a great day and only spoke to 1 person the whole time! 😁

Back roads is right!
Beautiful landscape
Cactus in full bloom
Tiny little purple flowers along the road
Tons of these flowers bushes everywhere
Parker Dam
Crossing the dam
On the other side
It looks more like a monument
These are the chains use to open the dam
Electricity for the dam

Now instead of going back we decided to go adventuring. As it was so worth it the landscape was breathtaking. The road lead us to an RV way off the path on Lake Havasu. We were going to park and check it out when we were waved on. We where given a guest pass and a map. So we drove around. Fun!

5 hole golf course
Yes that is real grass
Huge palm trees
Rock formations piled one on top of each other
On the way back

A wonderful adventure! What are you doing to keep sane?

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