Week 2 ho hummm

Things become repetitive after a couple of weeks. We don’t have kids since we are retired. So we play cards, yahtzee, scrabble or eat or nap. We do takes short walks, wave at a distance and stay to ourselves.

Steps steps steps
Flowers on the side of the road
? What is this?
So pretty dotting the desert!
Like spun sugar
So beautiful!

Pictures from back in NH, my family. I’m glad they are all safe. Although my sons are still at risk, Seth is a postal worker and Adam is a meat cutter. Both are with people daily. I love them both!!

My son Adam who cuts meat
My daughter in law Laura and granddaughter Evelyn distancing at the beach.
Walk along the river
My daughter in law Dana and my son Seth who delivers mail
My oldest granddaughter Oriana
The grandsons Esai, Sebastian and Nolan

It is these pictures that keep me balanced. I look at them, they make me smile and fill up my heart. I am looking forward to being home in New Hampshire soon. To all of you be safe!! šŸ™ā¤

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