Week 3 My hair is too long!

Even though I am not stir crazy yet. There are routines that you can’t follow sometimes. Like my hair has gotten to long, that while food shopping at Walmart I bought a curling iron. My feet have gotten so rough I could sand the picnic table outside. Rving life is a little different and 300 square feet is alot different then staying in a small 1700 square foot house. The weather has been wonderful 70 – 80 degrees but the pool is closed. We do manage to see people when we go to work but we keep our social distancing. I’m happy cause I like my little home, I’m with my husband, there is food on the table and we are both healthy.

Corn chips and salsa

Tonight the view from the RV. Something to smile about and know that better things are coming.

The colors are beautiful!

Somedays it’s hard to find things to do. Then I got this idea to paint cactus on the shed wall. Well Annette my boss was all in but instead of the shed wall would I do the pool wall. I said okay since the pool is closed. It works out perfect I can paint for a couple hour a day being by myself.

So much fun and relaxing too!

I want to mention that my oldest grandson turned 16 on April 2nd! Poor guy is on self quarantine, will have to celebrate when we finally get home. 😁

Happy Birthday Dylan🎂

Well I finally tried my new curling iron. Not to bad. It doesn’t go flat like in the Northeast. There is no humidity here.

The next set of pictures are from my continued painting on the wall. I’m pleased it’s really shaping up!

You curl it when you can’t get a haircut!

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