And the beat goes on…..

We are staying home except when we need groceries. Living in an RV with a small refrigerator means shopping once a week. So we now have masks to wear when we grocery shop.

Yes I’m wearing a mask
David and his mask
My new mask , wonderful friends gave us our cloth mask with changeable filters!

Once a day I go out to the closed off pool area. For 3-4 hours a day I am painting different cactus, lizards and kokopelli. I gives me a few hour of not thinking of what is going on in the world. You saw some of my painting in my previous blog. Here is todays.

Out for a ride while our RV is having a oil change.

Lake Havasu with Cupcake mountain
A little island
Rode through the park
Scenery on our ride

A neat fact, on the Arizona side of the Colorado river there are East coast replicas of lighthouses. On the California side there are west coast replicas of lighthouses. So here are a few from the Arizona side!

Well as the day comes to a close and we pick up the RV, Peanut and his human need a nap. We were all up at 6 am! Only draw back of RV living you lose you home while it is in the shop. Normally this is not an issue but today there is nowhere to wait except in the car or sitting at the picnic table at our campsite. 😁

Naptime … zzzzz

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