Starting week 5.. Easter ❤

Happy Easter! Starting week 5 and still self quarantine and masked if we go out to the grocery store. My wonderful husband made me a special Easter breakfast!! He is doing everything in his power to make things more normal. Especially giving me little surprises like the special breakfast. It is a quiche made with peppers, onions, ham, sharp cheddar cheese and a hashbrown crust. Yummmy!!

Special Easter breakfast!

Today we had a little cabin fever so we got in the car and took a ride. Went to the post office then to drop off the rest of the tax papers. We decided to pick up some Mexican food, they even had Margaritas to go. We went to Rotary park along the lake, it was absolutely wonderful, Quiet and relaxing.

Mountains beautiful!
Boats on the lake
Cold water!
The Mural
Filling in the pots!

I probably will finish the wall within the next couple of days! Then I’ll work in the RV getting it ready to leave for NH!!!!

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