Week 6 …. I want to go home!!!

Had a surprise visitor the other day! She made me a miniature cactus garden. I could not have been happier! 🌵 I was looking at the nursery for one similar but they didn’t have any. I want to leave Arizona with a little cactus so this was a perfect gift to me! So thankful ❤

Small cactus garden

It has been a wonderful week full of surprises. I got a video call from my youngest granddaughter. We talked a played around for about 20 minutes. Before she hung up she reminded me her Birthday was April 22nd. She sure makes me smile 😃

Goofing around!

David and I even sent our oldest granddaughter a goofy picture to make her smile. Yes you do find silly things to do when you are self quarantine.


Golfing is still allowed in Arizona. You each have a golf cart and are only allow 1 at a time on the green. These pictures are from David golfing this week.

From the golf course

I finally finished painting the wall. I feel it came out pretty well. I’m happy with it. The resort is closing half the park on May 1st, so we will be heading home!!! I am so happy, I am ready ❤

We went to Mexico to get David’s medication 3 hour drive, 45 min meds pick up then 3 hours back. Wore masks the whole time. Nobody was there maybe half a dozen people. These pictures are from coming and going from Yuma.

Colorado River
Cactus in bloom
The desert is so beautiful!
Southwestern colors!
I will miss this beauty.

Keeping busy!!

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