Headed HOME!!!

I don’t usually post anything religious so I don’t want to offend anyone. I did find this spiritual at a time when sleep doesn’t come easy. When our thoughts don’t shut down but run on and on. Worrying is common and the new “norm “. We are holding on to anything that keeps us grounded, makes sense and we can control. I wish peace of mind and calmness to all of you.

I am anxious and excited to be heading home. I miss my family!! Last night I didn’t sleep very well, I think the thoughts of leaving are on my mind. We will be leaving on Thursday morning with Flagstaff being our 1st stop.

Tuesday night we had a good bye dinner with all us volunteers. It was was bittersweet after working together for the last 6 months. Wonderful new friendship were made, so until next winter have a good summer everyone and see you in October!

A Italian dinner! Yummmy!!
Waiting to see my mother ❤
Excited to see my granddaughter ❤
Excited to see my family!!

Well it is finally the day!! We are off, making it about 200 miles the 1st day. We stopped in Flagstaff for the night then on to Grants, NM.

Pictures on the way to Flagstaff from Lake Havasu City.

Saying goodbye to our friends!
Still fascinated with cactus especially when they have flowers.
Looks like a giant golf ball
Yes that is snow!! From 100+ to snow in the mountains.

Tomorrow we will be traveling to Grants, New Mexico. Enjoying the scenery along the way. Only a little disappointed that our 5-6 week touring the states on the way home was canceled. Oh well, next fall or next year. David says fulltime rving plans are like written in jello! 😂

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