Onward Missouri

Woke up early to the smell of fresh ground coffee that hubby was making. Time to walk the dog and when I went out a beautiful hawk or falcon was just sitting there high in the treetops.

Hawk or falcon? My cousin told me it’s a Mississippi Kite! Beautiful!

Since we have a down day we decided to have a big breakfast of homefries and omelets. Yummmy!! Later laundry is on the agenda.

It was a well worth down day. We just chilled in the RV all day. In the afternoon we relaxed by taking a nap. I made an oriental stir fry with rice noodles for dinner. It was pretty yummmy if I do say so.

I finally got the phone call I was waiting for, the campground for Saturday night. It has been a little more challenging getting reservations during this period of covid 19. Private campgrounds all seem to be closed. It has been a little more expensive staying at the KOAs but at least they are open. Another challenge was some didn’t want a 1 night reservation especially on the weekend. Most of the KOAs have been understanding about us trying to get home and made accommodations for us. On the other hand when I made reservations on line, the next day they called and canceled them. SMH David says jello baby jello! RVing plans are made in jello.

Today is Tuesday, up early, coffee, a little breakfast and then on are way towards Missouri! We are getting closer!

Refinery along the way
The clouds are so beautiful
A mall under tents
The City sadly I don’t remember which one. Lol
Architecture of state bird…scissor- tailed flycatcher
Dead silent, an amusement park 😪
Traveling through Stroud…
Missouri…yeah, a state closer
Time for afternoon cocktails on Cinco de mayo!
Corn chips and salsa

Time to relax then we’re going to order dinner! Mexican food of course and they will even deliver!

Beef, chicken and shrimp fajitas! Rice and refried beans.

While I was eating I looked out the window and there are geese walking around.

Simple and pretty

Tomorrow we are off to cross the rest off Missouri then on to Illinois!

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