Missouri continues….

Someone didn’t want to get out of bed this am. He likes being under the covers, the temp did dip into the 50s. We are definitely know we heading East with the cooler temperatures.

The clouds this morning were just beautiful and mesmerizing. I hope you enjoy a few pictures. It’s going to be a good day 🥰

Ya rough ❤

The scenery is beautiful with big fields and herds of cattle. The farm houses, water towers and small towns. I thought I’d spare you the pictures of cattle. I did find a few amusing sights.

Yes huge fields and silos!

It started about 20 miles away and continued to remind you everything 5 miles or so that the candy store was coming up. Can you imagine if you are in a car with kids who can read???

Yes! Redmon candy factory!
A sign of a small town – a water tower

Finally BLTs for dinner, masked singer then a dog walk. The moon was absolutely beautiful and a perfect ending to the day. ❤ Onward to Illinois then Indiana where we will stop for the night.

Almost a full moon

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