Illinois then Indiana

Got up really early this morning and got on the road around 8 am. It was a pretty quiet day. We are driving from Missouri to Indiana. Traffic was a little heavier then normal. A lot of farm land, again lots of cattle. Finally before I knew it we were in St. Louis.

St. Louis

Even though we didn’t get to see the Gateway Arch up close we did go by it.

Gateway arch from the highway
A little closer… 😄

The scenery is very pretty, flat and goes on forever…..

Flat and it goes on for miles. Pictures really don’t do it justice

I really wish we were in the car so I would have time to stop and photograph old farm houses, grain silos and barns.

Each farm has a different story. Each one has it’s own beauty in the house, the barn or the grain silos. You can almost hear them talking to you. Yes they all fascinate me. The farmhouses sitting on acres of land are just so interesting and beautiful.

As we were driving down the road in rural Indiana. A yellow plane was land on his farm land. Pretty exciting and amazing 💥

Tomorrow we are heading toward Ohio. It’s suppose to rain so it will take us a little longer. We will take our time.

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