New York, New York

The blurry thing in middle of the driveway is where a rock hit us….grrr
Woke up to this !!!
If they were open I’d be there
Beautiful farm
Getting closer to home 😀

Between PENNSYLVANIA and New York we hit several snow squalls. The temperature has been 29 degrees to 36 degrees.

I was sitting here in the passenger’s seat while David was driving. We left Arizona at 106 degrees and as we transitioned across states the weather was gorgeous, sunny and 70-80 degrees. We hit Oklahoma and there was tornado alerts! Illinois and Indiana it intermittently rained and somewhere in the middle a rock hit our windshield and left a dime size crack. Thank goodness it didn’t go through or shatter the whole windshield. Now we will arrive at the campground in an hour, it is intermittently snowing. So my question is 106 degrees or 36 degrees?

Upper state New York has alot of farms and wineries.
Snow in the fields

Finally stopped for the night. It’s 3 pm and we just made it, we no sooner parked and hook up when it started snowing with some hail mixed in. Thank goodness for heat!!

Haven’t seen snow in 2 years…ok

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