Ahhhhhh home 🥰

It exciting to see everyone! The only drawback is I can’t hug them and staying 6 feet away. I was so happy to see my younger son and his family yesterday. Today I’m going to do a drive by to see my older son and his family.

Sister in law
A rabbit appeared 🤩
Celebrating being together

The 1st Monday we were back we went to see the small Theokas clan. I was so excited I forgot to take pictures. Tuesday my Mom and me just chit chatted the whole day and worked on a puzzle. We did have company, my Aunt Dede came over and surprised me!!! We did keep our social distancing by talking through the window…🥰 We also managed to have our windshield fixed today.

Today, Wednesday we did a social distancing visit to the large Theokas clan.

My son
My daughter in law
The middle and youngest grandsons
My older grandson

Today we have been blessed to welcome a new member of our family. Easton William, 9lbs 5ozs. 21 inches. An absolutely beautiful baby!

Visiting brother
Just a friendly game….lol
Last night dessert!
Love my new haircut!!!
Spring is here
Outdoor gardening
The beauty in nature

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