Yard work…

Today was a full day. Shopping at Home depot then work around the house. I pressure washed the patio. Planted more flowers in blue pots. Fixed and painted a bird bath and finally I made supper with some help from hubby.

A chow mein
Rice noodles
Crunchy chow mein noodles

Riding downtown and noted all the outside dining.

Landmarks from around Nashua NH.

It was great to finally being able to have dinner with the Large Theokas clan. Pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw and bbq sauce. Corn on the cob and handmade onion rings. Yummmy!

Growing so much taller!
Love transformers like his dad!
My daughter in law enjoying the day
Yummmy homemade onion rings!

With the covid 19 the only way she can hold her great grandbabies! ❤

Great grandbabies ❤

Pictures from around the yard.

New rug new dining area
Yellow finch
Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal
Rhododendrons starting to bloom
Huge blossoms this year
Irises coming up

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