What a day!!

What a day! It started by going to Goffstown for my granddaughter’s “home” graduation. She was adorable! Her parents made it such a special day for her.

Getting ready with Daddy
Mommy helping to get ready
Grandma Masse
Grandpa Masse and brother Dylan
Pa Thomas
Start of the March
Rushing the entrance
Her friend Patrick
Pledge of allegiance
The graduates
New 1st grade student 🎓
Art work
The presenting of the diplomas
Congratulations !!!
Congratulations !!!
Memere and Pa
The whole gang!!

After we went to Dylan’s birthday party at Laura and Adam’s house we stayed about an hour and half then on to the 3rd party…..phew.

What 16!!! Already??
Happy Birthday
Opening cards 😁
Mom and Linzi (godmother)
Hello Ian great to see you!

The 3rd party was with my Aunt Irene, my cousins Sharon and Christopher. It was a wonderful time! We talk, had drinks, ate delicious food and swam on a hot day of 93 degrees.

Silliness 🤩

Driving home the sky was beautiful.

End of a great day! Good night!

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