What’s in store now???

We got a call last night to sit for the grandkids in the morning. So off we started. Our daughter in law has been hard working on her gardening.

Front yard

The 1st day of summer just passed. I have been kept quite busy by helping my 87 years young Mother. Doing yard work and helping her getting rid alot of collected items that no longer function. Phew!!! I have been able to visit in between cleaning, hubby and I have date days!!! On date days we go exploring the state of NH. Funny I’ve lived most of my life in NH and are still discovering new things about it!

Last night we took my Mom out to eat. We went to the Athen in Manchester NH. It was wonderful and the food was great! Yummmy!

David and I had lamb garnished
Mom had an Athen salad

Last year we bought our granddaughter a big bike for her birthday. Well the bike had an accident when it got ran over. So she has been riding this very small bike. It just happened that I went to the Marketplace on line and found a bike. So happiness is seeing our granddaughter smile!! 🥰

She was so excited about her new bike. Her Dad and her went on a 4 mile ride today! They even stopped for ice cream 🍦yummmy!

Daddy and Evelyn’s bikes

Between us RVing and covid I haven’t seen some of my sisters for 10 to 12 months. Today I got to see my youngest sister!!!

Wednesday I took my Mother and my Aunt to lunch at The LaBelle. We started with tasting session and then lunch at their Bistro.

LaBelle winery
Grape leaves
The vineyard
Drinks and lunch
After dinner
Outside dining
Jane, Linda and Lorraine
A great time!!

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