After thought……

It has been quite a 2 weeks 1st Peanut has been having issues with excessive thirst and peeing. That was a $300 trip then there is me getting admitted to hospital. Well fast forward I am on the mend but Peanut continues to be incontinent. So back to the emergency vets we go, I called over 20 vets and no one is taking on new patients or they are booked out till August. Phew…..


Well he is 13 years old and has incontinence. So we are finishing the antibiotics and have added medicine for bladder toning. Hope for Peanuts sake it works….

Today I went to the md and got a clean bill of health. Blood work and chest x ray in 6 weeks. Then a physical before we leave for Arizona.

I was looking out the backyard and saw the bunny!!

A bunny in my Mom’s backyard
The clouds today… different

Tomorrow on Wednesday we are heading out to my youngest son’s house.

On the way to Adam’s house I picked up our new RV sign. I just love it!!!

It has been relatively quiet week with me getting some needed rest. I’m just thankful that we were in our home area when all things broke loose and not on the road in East Pucky. 😁

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