Visiting small clan

We moved to our youngest son Adam’s house for several weeks. We had a rough 1st day, they put there dog Bella down due to cancer. Now Friday was better, Evelyn and I played chutes and ladders, she won 2 out of 3 games. Next we started painting rocks so she can give them as presents.

Painting rocks
Evelyn and Peanut out for walk
Mailbox we saw on our walk!

David was so sweet and took me and Evelyn out to eat at the Shaking Crab. Yummmy!!! Fun night!!

Playing before dinner
Chicken tenders, tater tots, macroni and cheese..
Cajun clams, muscles, sausage and baby potatoes
Cajun crab, sausage,shrimp and corn on the cob….yummmy!!

Funny but fulltime rving isn’t always nomadic or glamorous. Things happen along the way. David says rving plans are written in jello!!

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  1. So happy to see you posting again. Hoping that means it was nothing serious and you’re happy and healthy. And Dave, too, of course.

    Enjoy your stay at the small Theokas clan home.

    Wishing the best for a full recovery for Peanut.

    Take care, sorry to miss seeing you in Sutton, perhaps another time.

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