Another day with my granddaughter painting rocks for gifts!! Then we played LIFE junior believe it or not I won! She is a good sport and shakes hands. We ate some leftovers for lunch then we chilled out cause the temperature is 93 degrees outside. HOT!!!


Some of us had Monday off. I got up early and went to Bagel alley to pick up bagels to drop off at the hospital. A little thank you for the great care I received. After I went to visit my Mom and sister Diane from Maine. My son and his daughter went hiking.

5.6 miles round trip
Inquisitive granddaughter
Smiles! A good day!
Sunset over the Merrimack river
Sunset heading to Goffstown, NH

Tuesday we chilled out and went to lunch at the La Carreta. A few margaritas and some nachos. Yummmy!! Then seafood fajitas to finish lunch.

Today was arts and craft with my granddaughter. We made puppets from old socks. She was delighted and did alot of giggling. It is amazing what an old sock turns into with yarn, buttons, makeup and hot glue.

Opening day in baseball finally. Went to Ollie’s for dinner and the game!

Baltimore Orioles
Red Sox
Baked scallops
Game beverage 😁

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