Look at this… 👀

Busy day today the granddaughter and I went to home depot and picked out paint for the back wall on the house. Then we went to Michaels for some odd and ends. Evelyn was so happy when I bought her unicorn slime. Very colorful!! Off we went for lunch at McDonalds so she could have some chicken mcnuggets and a drink. Finally we went grocery shopping for supper, Hawaiian pineapple and shrimp bowls!  Delicious!!

Foundation painted today

Playing with Daddy!
Laura’s Dad joined us for dinner.
Fresh pineapple! yummmy!
Preparing the bowls
Perfect 🍍

Saturday was date day. We decided to go to a new restaurant in Manchester NH. We spent about 20 minutes going through restaurants in Manchester. I saw shrimp and grits on the menu and that was the place. Firefly American Bistro and Bar. It was awesome!!!

Drinks to start
Shrimp, adrouille and cheese grits reminded me of New Orleans 😋
Go go bread with gongazola cheese dip
Outside dining
Yummy 😋 Bourbon Street Fettuccine

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