Projects…. what next?

Sundays project

I made this for my Mom’s father’s grave site since real flowers can’t be watered due to water spigots are shut off.

Mondays project I started to paint Adam’s concrete wall on the back of his house 🏠

Finished 1 section of wall

Friday was date day!!! We started out to Portland Maine when I texted my sister who lives in Maine. She said come on up! So I texted her back, plan change….

Entering Maine
Coming into Lewiston

Once we were in Lewiston we made a beeline to Sam’s. It is here we picked up lunch, Italians … yummy 😋

The men chatting
Sister selfie!
Family but even better Friends!! ❤
Even Peanut went visiting 🐕

We left about 6pm and headed home making a stop in Portland first. Its here in Portland that we had dinner at The Porthole Restaurant. It was great food and of course wonderful company. We were even able to bring Peanut.

Arriving in Portland
From the Porthole deck
Looking around the deck
7 & 7 with cheesy nachos
Beet Salad…. yummy 😋
Friut de Mer with fettuccine and alfredo sauce!

The end of a great date! My hubby spoils me… love you David❤

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