Heading to the large Theokas clan

Sunday we went to the Large Theokas! Pa and grandson Sebastian having a heart felt talk… ❤

Seth and Dana were great host as usual. There were drinks,cheese and crackers. For dinner absolutely delicious chicken marsala. We chit chatted all through dinner. It is so wonderful to be visiting here!!

I told Sebastian I would take him to the Ace hardware store. We had to get ready 1st.

Mask ready!
Horsing around with the gas mask 😷
Out for an errand with Nolan
Esai and Nolan cooling off 😎
Cooking dinner together
My handsome husband ❤

Tonight for dinner there was shrimp cocktail, tomato and mozzarella salad to start. Then Seth made some delicious chicken pho with all the extras! I made a buttermilk blueberry cake for dessert, I have to say it came out great!! Yummy 😋

Buttermilk blueberry cake

Half a week has gone so fast! Golf ⛳ tomorrow.

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