On the way to Sutton MA

On the way to Sutton, Old Holbrook Place for a week of camping with David’s brother and wife. Yes I like churches with steeples! Lol

On the way to Sutton MA
The lake
From RV window

We arrived, set up, ate lunch and took a nap 😴 These pictures are our view .

Linda who owns the campground took this photo

Annual treat is going to Carl’s restaurant for breakfast. It is incredible, located in Oxford MA. It a small restaurant but big on delicious!

So much to choose from πŸ₯žπŸ₯šπŸ˜‹
My sister in law Lynn and my brother in law Jim. Thanks guys for the treat!!
1 serving of French toast
Scrambled eggs, home fries and bacon πŸ₯“
Western Omelet…. yummy
The guys had pastrami omelets

And its only Wednesday!!! I love when vacations go at a laid back pace!! We are enjoying this so much!!

Afternoon 🌧 shower
Rainbow 🌈 followed

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