More fun!!

Yesterday was a fun day. I got to go to lunch with my son Adam. We went to a Mexican restaurant in Merrimack. Yummmy Margaritas and the food was delicious!

Mexican sampler plate!

Later that night Evelyn came over to my RV and watched The Wizard of Oz. She ate supper too and of course later a snack of square goldfish (cheese nips).

Today Wednesday it’s going to rain all day. So I thought Evelyn and I would go an paint pottery then we’ll go for lunch at the Friendly Toast.

Our greeter
Running around waiting for a table
View inside

Today Thursday the play day. Evelyn and I played yahtzee and of course she won!! She is quite the little competitor. We played with these small figurines that come in eggs and have barrettes, thus the new hairdos.

Oh that sweet face 😍
Only my hairdresser knows🤣
End of the day rain showers

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