Getting ready to leave.. šŸ˜Ŗ

Saying goodbye is always been so hard for me. I cry like a baby šŸ‘¶! I will miss my family but I start a new adventure. It has been a great summer in spite of Covid 19. I’ve seen my Mom, my 2 sons, their wives and all 6 of my wonderful grandchildren. I have been fortunate to have seen all my siblings, my aunts and their families.

I will miss the smile on Evelyn’s face when she picks her carrots šŸ„• šŸ˜¢ She brings me joy!

Sweet little face
Lots of carrots šŸ„•

Got some more work done on the wall. Hoping to maybe finish the wall before we leave.

Finished the cherry šŸ’ blossom tree
Poppies šŸ„°
Half the wall is done

Evelyn wanted shrimp so her Mom bought her some and they were getting the tank ready.

Shrimp tank

Monday we went to do laundry and after my husband took me to Sawyers for breakfast! Yummmy!

Nibbled on western omelet
Homemade roast beef hash

Peanuts update everything is coming back normal. He is peeing and drink a little less. Next Tuesday he goes for an ultrasound. I sure hope we get some answers. Ahhhhhh

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