What next???

Wednesday we had a great afternoon playing golf with Seth. Then we did 2-3 errands and ended at Ollies for dinner.

French onion soup and garlic bread, yummmy
Seafood casserole

Friday night we went to a little outside Cafe called the Moody Pond marketplace in Weare, NH. We met up with Adam,Laura and Evelyn. Quaint little place, limit menu, byob and music. They are only open 5 to 8 on Fridays.

Started with nachos
Did a shot!
🎢 music 🎢
Dandelions pained on the wall

Family time is wonderful and I will miss it so much 😒. I will really miss Laura’s and my happy hour!! 🍸🍷🍹🍾πŸ₯‚… lol.

Cranberry mango martinis

Our son was having a great time with skeleton hands that are really salad tongs.

Ok let’s give him a hand

I love Ben and Jerry’s Chunky monkey!! Ah ha I found a “liquor ” chunky monkey….yummy πŸ˜‹!!

Still waiting to straighten 😩 out Peanut and October 15th is getting closer. Saw my siblings yesterday, Diane and Brian. Great visit!! ❀

Me Diane and Mom

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