Patiently waiting 😌

Wednesday September 30th I cleaned the whole house. Walls,cabinets,window sills and light on the ceiling. Phew….. so later that night we went to Don Ramon Mexican restaurant. Yummmy!!! Margaritas!!!

Moon on the way to the restaurant
Excellent Margaritas 🍹
Seafood fajitas!
Moon on the way home… so full

This morning there was a knock at our door. David opened the door and there was our granddaughter. She had a surprise to show us. She lost her 1st tooth while eating waffles this morning. We were excited for her!!

Lost her 1st tooth 🦷

Well we got a brochure on NH Covered Bridges and Waterfalls. So David took Thursday off and we went exploring. We packed a lunch, put on our hiking boots and off we gooooo!!

Beauty of the bridge
View from the bridge

Scenery along the way to the next bridge

Flaming red
A country church
Love the architecture of these old bridges
Back roads through New Hampshire
Lions,tigers and Bears!! Oh my!
Jack o’ Lantern bridge
Flowers around the bridge
The beauty in simplicity

Today we took our 1st hike together, it was wonderful. We managed to due a mile. Good start for a beginner!

Rainbow 🌈 falls trail 1.2 miles
Brook on the trail
Beautiful canopy
Moss on a fallen tree
Low water πŸ’§ level
Hubby with his new hiking boots!

I’m going to due this blog in 2 sections for its really getting long.

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