Crossing the Arizona line

Leaving New Mexico today and will stop about 330 miles later in Arizona. Almost at Lake Havasu City our final destination. It will be another 300 miles tomorrow but the last leg of our trip.

Miles of beautiful prairie
Mountains ⛰ around us
The beginning of the endless train
Can’t see the end of the prairies
A church in the middle of nowhere
A house out on the prairie
Very small community
So in awe 😍 of the size of the mountains

Most of the bridges are decorated. They are all so unique.

The colors are so warm
Black lava from a volcano years ago
So mammoth!
Indian store on route 66
Where almost there
Finally 😁❤

Today was a little bit longer than usual due to construction 🚧 delays. Glad to finally stop. We are staying in Holbrook Koa and will finish tomorrow at Lake Havasu City. Excited to be able to see everyone 🤗

Good night zzzzzz

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