Halloween πŸŽƒ

This week, 2 of us are suppose to decorate a “graveyard ” and a covered wagon. The wind is so wild that if we hung anything it would just blow away! Grrr…

Blurry due to high winds
Made a little lap cover πŸ’₯

I’m getting ready to send my invites to a small group for monthly happy hour ☺ monthly drinks are Creamsicle cocktail (recipe in last blog) and one of my favorites, Blackberry Sangria. Yummy!! I’m making it cause I miss my friend Vicki and that’s what we drink when we get together ❀

I have been helping out cleaning the kitchen. Today after lunch we went to the post office. I saw a beautiful cactus 🌡 there.

David surprised me and took me to a Asian restaurant. The sushi 🍣 was incredible. Definitely will go back!

Yummy πŸ˜‹

It’s been pretty quiet lately. But on Friday the 30th I had a small get together outside. The group of us all work together on a membership only resort.

Appetizers went over big!
Plenty of food, drinks 🍸 and friends πŸ˜‹
Happy Halloween

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