Life goes on….

Back home Evelyn takes jiu-jitsu lessons. Today she received 2 tips on her white belt. Proud memere and Pa!!! You go girl!! ā¤

Congratulations Evelyn!šŸ„‹

Well today 1/16 I started to make our summer plans going back to New Hampshire. We will be heading towards Las Vegas on the 1st of May then to the Grand canyon and Sedona area for about 2 weeks. Hopefully we will take the train ride to the Grand canyon and a helicopter ride through the canyon. Then we will be going to Utah which includes Bryce canyon, Zion and the Arches. Only 30 miles from the Arches is the Wave and today I put in for lottery tickets to visit the Wave. They only allow a specific number of visitors per day and it is all done by lottery. I put in for the maximum 3 days, my fingers are crossed.

After visiting Utah we will be going to Wyoming to the Grand Teton and Yellowstone Park. We then spend 2 weeks at Fish n’ Fry in South Dakota to relax, and to visit ou friends. Finally in Rapid city we will join the Winnebago group for a tour of the badlands. We should arrive in New Hampshire the 2 to 3rd week of July. An so our summer will begins.

We are going to try to go to Maine to visit my sister and go to Bar Harbor if time and money allows us…..šŸ˜

I seem to be more into football lately so tonight David and I went to the local bar, Blondies to watch the game. Tom Brady and the Buccaneers against the Saints.

Tomorrow is Date day!!

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