Retirement happiness

Well the cook, is under the weather and is quarantined. His wife too is quarantined. This gave David and I an opportunity to step up and cook. David did a great job cooking breakfast, I cooked supper, crispy chicken, scalloped potatoes and sautéed zucchini, summer squash and onions. We were both nervous yet we got through the day. I was also lucky to have Marie and David to help me cook. Even our boss Annette waited on tables.

Well we are almost done for the week just dinner. Country fried steak, garlic mash potatoes and corn with brown gravy. Then big boy breakfast, Friday morning and we are done. Full crew back on Tuesday!!!! Yeah!!!

This week we got a surprise, snow on the mountains 🌨❄🏔

It is this snow and beauty that make me miss home, New Hampshire! It has been a busy week and a little stressful. There are family issues that have required a sibling meeting to discuss some important business. My mind and heart are heavy for my brother and his wife. They are going through some health issues and need yours and our prayers. I had an Aunt pass away. My allergies have kicked up so you see its just been a little blah around here. 😁❤

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