One day at a time…

Covid has changed even full-time RVing. You still need to mask and keep social distancing. One plus is that you can at least be outside. About once a week we go out for lunch or dinner. Tonight we went to Juicy’s for all you can eat fish fry. I must say it was the best fish we have had since leaving New Hampshire.


My phone has slowly been dying, so today we got new Samsung S21. Wow 5G what a difference!! Now to learn all the new buttons. 📲

Romance is in the air. I like that we still have dates and do little things for each other. This week my hubby brought me a surprise. Flowers 💖

I love lilies!

If you have been reading my blogs you know I like to do crafts. I’ve been making throws for some friends but now I’m hooking a rug

Hummingbirds and flowers

Saturday a small group got together to listen to some music, have drinks and appetizers. Dancing also was going on!

Looking dapper!

Another full week! I love this retirement life! 🚙

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