Ahhhh dental work…

This weekend didn’t start out to well. On Wed I called to make reservations to stay at the Days inn in Yuma,AZ. Made reservations for a pet friendly king room for which they charged me $359.84. When I got to the hotel they said no such room is available only 2 queen beds available but would need to pay an additional upgrade fee of $30 and $30 for pet fee. I stated I had already paid for the reservations and couldn’t they just switch rooms. Receptionists needed to check with manager. She was being nice but I could tell I was frustrating her. I asked to speak with manager she tried to bypass but finally recalled him. He did not come out to talk with me but agreed to talk with me on the phone. 1st the reservation were made through a 3rd party booking company, I stated that this does not state it anywhere on the days in website. So I could recall them and NO he was not going to back down and change my room without additional fees being paid. I stated that it was double dipping and he became angry and adamantly said it was not! He became more nasty to the point I couldn’t even talk about the situation. He was not listening to me or didn’t even try to offer alternative solutions. There were 3 foot tables in front of hotel desk. I toss phone on counter it slid across and landed on the floor at which point I was accused of throwing the phone and was asked to leave. So now I called days inn booking company and they stated all bookings are final. I am now referred to the 3rd party booker. We went round and round and David finally called the credit card company to put hold on the charge pending a hearing on the charge.

Now I’m got $359.84 charge out of my bank account and nowhere to sleep. I called motel 6 and they were very nice, professional and the charge was only $224, no frills but pet friendly, clean and neat. There was also 3 more phone calls in hopes of remedying this whole mess. I’m tired, frustrated and ready to go home. Grrrr

Day 2 we went to Mexico for my teeth. I was suppose to have a root canal and 2 crowns. 1st they said I would need 3 crowns since one tooth was getting really bad, chipping away. The doctor spent an hour and 20 minutes on the root canal and it failed. She only remove 3 roots. So the root canal failed and the alternative was to have the tooth removed, treat for an infection and build a 3 tooth bridge and 3 crowns and finally a crown on my bottom molar. I bet I had a dozen shots of novocaine. I can’t have novocaine with epi causes it cause me to have heart palpitations. So now I have to have a tooth removed and the tooth is breaking apart as he tries to remove it. There was a lot of drilling and grinding so the bridge would fit over 3 teeth. A hour later tooth removed and post made from the other 2 teeth. Now 4 molds later I have to have a bone graft so the hole won’t collapse in on itself. Bone graft done, temp crowns are placed on. I am in severe discomfort. I can hardly close my mouth without being in pain. A total of 4 hours in a dentist chair is definitely not fun. I haven’t eaten and won’t be able to for several hours. When I got back to the motel I took some pain medication and fell asleep for 3 hours. Soft food for supper.

Day 3 I went back to the dentist to have the permanent crown and bridge put on. I signed in an then went to this little taco stand we found last year. I had a fish and a shrimp taco. We walked around to kill some time and I bought a hood jacket and a pair of earrings. Finally it was my turn, today was better and alot less pain. It took about an hour of trying on the bridge and bite down. When that was done then the lower crown and Viola done. My mouth is tender and feels funny or different with the new hardware in my mouth. I’m so glad we are headed home tomorrow.

Thank you for the rant and venting!!

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