To Yuma and back….

It’s Thursday and we are on our way to Yuma. Then tomorrow for dental work in Los Algodones, Mexico.

The water is so blue!
The mountains are beautiful!
I love cactus plants!!
His favorite spot to travel
Came across a RV accident SCARY!!
Looks like kale
Sushi before tomorrow’s dental work!
On the way to Los Algodones

When we got back I ate soft pasta and took a nap for 3 hours. I don’t mind going to the dentist but it can be stressful and today it was!! (See previous blog .. dental work) Back we go again in the morning.

When we got back we chilled for awhile then we went out to eat at a Cajun restaurant Icon. There was music and the food was spicy!

He played jazz, blues and Cajun music
Fried oyster and Gumbo
Jambalaya and hush puppies

We said goodbye to a unique trip!! Heading back home .. yeah 🏡

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