March…a day date 🥰

Date day….. I just love these days!! Friday we went to check out a seminar on Medical air service in case of an emergency. Chinese food from the Hokkaido, yummy ! Then we took the ferry over to California to check out the gaming casino.

Going to the ferry site
Starship 2010 cruises

Boat under the London Bridge

Going out towards the Colorado River
Floating bar
Houses along the river
Duck, Duck
Ferry coming!
Leaving Arizona
Light house replica
Lake Havasu
Surrounding mountains
California casino

We spent about 2 – 2 1/2 hours gambling. Had a drink, played some machines and luckily we only lost $25. It was fun. After we returned we came home and put or feet up for awhile (nap). 😁 We then decided to go to dinner at The four Clovers, an Irish pub. I have been wanting lamb lollipop chops, they were done to perfection! We also started with drinks of course 🥂

A naughty leprechaun and a Cranberry orange margarita
French onion soup yummy!

Another wonderful date with my husband. A fun day. I love David. ❤

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