Baseball….pre week

On Friday March 26th, we were having drinks and appetizers at Blondies. Our oldest called and said he had tickets to opening day. I told him I would need to call him back. David said go so not even 5 minutes I called back and said I’ll flying in on Monday. Going to Las Vegas Airport.

On the way to Las Vegas

Pictures of the airport and in the clouds over the Rockies.

Beautiful scenery
Arriving in Boston

On my 1st day Tuesday I spent it with my Mom. We went cemetery visiting, ate lunch then wicker chair hunting. It was a good day.

On Wednesday I spent with Seth’s family. This included a trip to the Dollar store….lol.

Yes they bought a Styrofoam head!
Decorating the head
Seth painting the front door red

Getting ready for opening day. First breakfast then the sad πŸ˜ͺ news. Postponed to Friday.

Thursday I went with Adam to surprise Evelyn. Later we went back to Seth’s for dinner. On the way I got to see Evelyn do jiu jitsu. It was wonderful to have the family all together for dinner.

Go Evelyn!! Memere is so proud!
Surprise Oriana!
Happy 17th birthday πŸŽ‚πŸŽ
Love my grandkids
Sibling love

Tomorrow is opening day!!!!

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