Only 1 week left ….

It is starting off as a quiet week. David did some Uber driving and I just puttered around the RV. Getting ready for the oil change on Wednesday. Monday we brought the paperwork to H and R Block to have our taxes done. After we decided to do some Door Dashing. We quit early and went to eat Chinese food, yummy!. I noticed when we got home I had lost my glasses. UGH !!

Tuesday got 2 new pairs of glasses and some more paint. I want to do a little more painting on the 2nd wall I started. We had salads from Chili’s and left over spaghetti for dinner.

I got a couple of pictures from Seth. Nolan pitching for 2 innings and catching the rest of the game.

Wednesday was busy, we were out the door at 7:30 am to have the RV oil change, a light fixed and new windshield wipers put on. While they were doing that went and got coffee from dunkin donut. Next egg mcmuffins from McDonald’s, we went to the dog park where there are picnic tables. After breakfast I was curious if there was a cemetery in Lake Havasu city. Yup we found it! Small and no headstones only flat markers. In the middle of checking it out the call came, the RV was ready except the guy at the parts store gave him the wrong blades. So off to the parts store again.

Once we got the RV back to the resort and got settled we went grocery shopping. Ugh….. well done for another month. Later David returned the 1st set of blades and I puttered around the RV. The rest of the day was quiet even to the point I got a nap in. πŸ˜€ It was a good day, busy but nice to spend the time together.

Today is one of our princesses Birthday β€πŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŽ‚ Evelyn is 7 years old. Phew where does time go!?

Evelyn’s birthday ❀

David has been working, Uber, on Friday and Saturday. I have very puttering around the RV. Getting ready to leave on May 4th, headed to the Grand canyon. Doing cleaning like the vents, cabinets, fridge and microwave. Today, Saturday I will start the outside cubby holes under the RV. They need cleaning and reorganizing. Getting ready to get going.

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