Coming down the home stretch…..

It was a beautiful day Saturday, my nephew’s wedding ❤

Casey and Brenden Holt
Large wedding party!
Parents of the groom ❤
My beautiful sister ❤
Sister and brother in law of groom
My lovely sister 🥂
The groom’s dance with his Memere ❤

Monday just a chill day. David did laundry. H & R called are taxes are done. Had a home happy hour.


Tuesday, got an invite to go to lunch with Annette ( my boss and friend) we went to Papa Leone for a couple of beers and a pizza. Yummy! It was a great afternoon 😁

Wednesday did another storage bin under the RV. Only one side left, leaving day is getting closer, only 6 days left and then off to Williams, AZ. Grand canyon here we come.

The back of our friends RV, being personalized.

Owl added

Went an got our taxes then stopped for our last happy hour in Lake Havasu city.

It has been a good season and a few more small things to do before we leave. We are leaving on Tuesday May 4th. I’m getting excited to seeing the west. Grand Canyon, Sedona, Teton, Yellowstone, yes the tourist route…lol.

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