And so adventuring begins…..πŸš™

Today, May 4th and we are on our way to Williams AZ. The flowers are blooming on some of the desert cactus.

Thank goodness the 3 hour drive to Williams was uneventful except for a 8 mile span of route 40 highway was awful! Here are some pictures along the way.

Alien Museum
Beautiful scenery, shrubs and prairie
Gorgeous mountains

Well we finally got to the Williams KOA. Hmm? A little disappointing the site was a back in and that’s OK. What was surprising was the site was small. There is just enough room for the RV, trailer and car. This leaves very little space to sit outside or use the picnic table. The park is clean and neat, and they are getting ready to open the pool.

Small space, campground is full

So now, David was outside and tried the RV door, it wouldn’t open. I was inside the RV and heard a knock on the door. I went to open the door and it wouldn’t budge. David and I played with the door for about 10 minutes. I finally got the panel off the lock. I continued to play with it and finally all the gears lined up and the door opened.

Back of lock with backing off
Broken piece
Front of lock
Binge cord to hold door closed

So I called a couple of locksmiths to find one that could fix the lock. I was lucky that one was going to take care of it tomorrow. Phew…..

David decided to take a shower. I guess the shower had low pressure but hot anyway. Well while getting dressed his glasses slipped and fell on the floor. One of the lenses popped out. So of course he couldn’t see to fix them. He brought them back to the RV and handed me the 2 pieces. They were delicate and so I carefully put the lens back into the glasses. It has been quite a day….. good night πŸ’‹

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  1. Well now, what would like be without some misadventures. So happy it’s all working out okay. Here is something to make you smile.

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