Mother’s Day

Well both of us really felt crappy, stuffed up, itchy eyes and ears. So yesterday we went to a local clinic. Sure enough we had a dry coughing and nasally sounding. After we got checked out we were put on meds to help the coughing, antibiotics for the sinus infection and inhaler to help with bronchial spasms. All the med weren’t covered so again we dipped into our travel fund…grr $$

David was great, he didn’t feel good either and yet he made some homemade chicken noodle soup. Yummy 🍜

We were suppose to go golfing but I don’t feel up to it but after 2 days in the rig I need some out time. We will probably go to Bearizona cause you ride through 1/2 of the exhibits.


Rocky mountain goat
Pronghorn deer
American burro
Black bear
White peacock
Male Elk
Female Elk
A little show
Artic wolf
Bear taking a bath
A small baby bison
Look for the bear necessities 😁
Papa Bear
Just sitting around

Bearizona is a 2 part park, one side you drive through 3 miles of animals in their own habitat. The 2nd part is a walk through of other exotic animals.After Bearizona we went into town for a bite to eat. I chose to go to Pine Country Restaurant. It homemade comfort food. Very good! Its been a really great Mothers day! Both boys called, My husband gave me a beautiful card as well as spending the whole day with me. Oh, yes even Peanut gave me a Mothers day card. Ahhhhhh….. happiness ❀

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