Grand Canyon railway

After a great day yesterday, we relaxing when suddenly the whole RV shook and we heard a crunch. As we ran out other campers were yelling at the driver of motor home that was backing up into us. Luckily he stopped immediately and went forward. It was his ladder that hit us. Thank goodness there was no damage!

Another wonderful day. We took the train to the Grand Canyon. It was a beautiful, relaxing and entertaining. They have musicians and a show too, all on board. I saved up so we could sit in the luxury seats and it was well worth it. They had a small breakfast with a blueberry muffin, yogurt and cheese sticks. I put the cheese sticks in the back pack for later. The pictures are from the train, on the way to the Grand Canyon.

Inside the dome car
Train repair area
Leaving Williams
Singing cowboy
The clouds were absolutely beautiful
A butte in the distance
The train going around a curve
We’ve arrived I’m so excited
I feel like I’m on my honeymoon
Rock, 1840 millions of year old
Layers of the Grand Canyon
So vast
It makes you feel so small

It was a short visit only 3 hours but we will be going back later this week. We want to explore more of the canyon and different rims. When we got back on board there was boxed snacks and champagne.

All aboard
Our dome car
Another luxury car
Afternoon Champagne toast
The rock and roll singing cowboy
Bandits! 😁
Train robbery!
Being robbed
U.S.Marshall chasing the bank robbers

It was definitely a great day and experience. We do want to see more of the Grand Canyon so will come again this week.

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