Thursday and Friday hanging out….

A down day to clean and do some house keeping. About 3:30 pm we went to visit with some friends, David and Diane. I’m so lucky she retrieved a package for me, plus it was her David’s birthday 🎉 We had appetizers and beers🍺 it was a fun time!!

Inside brewery
David T., David D. and Diane

Today Friday the 14th we are just chillin in the morning. This afternoon we will be playing golf.

On the way to the golf course
Elephant Rock Golf Course
Beautiful mountains background for golf course
Tons of birds
Goose, goose, gosling!
Unique huge old tree

The golf course is really beautiful but due to the altitude it was challenging. I could only due 9 holes and my heart rate was around 120 bpm and I got soooo tired. OMG am I of shape !!Light bulb moment. Yet the day was wonderful and I enjoyed the bloody mary while golfing which you all know had nothing to do with the tiredness…..🤣

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