Last trip to Southwest Grand Canyon ğŸ˜ª

We took our time this morning. We even stopped to have breakfast. So we got to the Grand Canyon about 11 am. Today we wanted to hike the rest of the south rim. We did part of it on our 1st day at the canyon. So it was the red line southwest we wanted to finish. Well sad to say we didn’t do the total trail which from where we started was 8 miles. We did 3 miles at 7,000 feet above sea level. We did take our time and breaks for water and resting.

Hiking Hubby
Overcast rain clouds
The green in the middle is called The Indian garden
One of the trails that goes to the bottom of the canyon 15 miles round trip.
Flowers along the hike
Contrasting colors are beautiful
Really like hiking 🥾
The juniper trees are beautiful!
Mile markers
Beautiful Colorado River with a sand bar
Colorado River
Rain clouds over the canyon
Wild life at the canyon 😁
Triangulation marker

This was our 3rd time at the canyon and all 3 times the canyon looked different. Today the overcast and the rain spitting made the canyon look very different. We really enjoyed hiking a trail for the 1st time. We are looking forward to hiking some more in Utah, Bryce canyon, Zion National Park and The Arches. We will be heading to Utah on Wednesday.

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